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Neuromodulator Injections

St. Thomas, Ontario

Botox Injections

Botox® injections are the most popular treatments, using different forms of botulinum toxin to temporarily stun muscle groups at the injection site. These injections are famous for their ability to reduce signs of aging such as facial wrinkles. They also treat problems like lazy eyes, an overactive bladder, sweating, and muscle spasms. In some cases, they even help treat chronic migraines.

Botox® was the first medical brand to use the botulinum toxin. Newer products have since hit the market, including Dysport® (which is also used by SJ Aesthetics). Each product slightly differs from one another, primarily in terms of dosage size and effects.

Professional Neuromodulator
Injection Treatments

Wrinkle Reduction

They effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily relaxing facial muscles, resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin.

Reduce Wrinkles & Aging


As a non-invasive treatment, neuromodulators provide an alternative to surgery, reducing risks and eliminating the need for extensive downtime.

Perfect For Eyebrows, Forehead Lines, Crow’s Feet, & Wrinkles

Quick Results

Neuromodulator treatments typically show visible improvements within a few days, making them an ideal option for those seeking fast results.

Improve Your Skin


Neuromodulators can address various concerns, from forehead lines to crow’s feet, offering a comprehensive solution for facial rejuvenation.

Neuromodulators Cosmetic Injections

$ 9 50 per unit
  • Complimentary consultations with all treatment appointments.
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